On these pages, readers will find information related to the Rottweiler breed of dog. Rottweilers are very special animals and the aim of this site is to provide all the information that a prospective owner will need before taking one of them home.

These pages look at the history of the breed along with, temperament, behaviour, exercise needs, grooming, feeding, characteristics and any special needs which the dog breed has. Aside from having a beautiful black, tawny and brown coat, this dog needs to feel part of the family and be included in everyday socialising. Articles on this site will explain the best ways to include the dog in family life, how to keep it stimulated and obedient.

Rottweilers need a strong master to respect and will only accept leadership from a person which is firm but fair and also loving. Like all dog breeds, the Rottweiler is a product of its owner and will always behave according to how it has been raised.

The breed had a bad reputation in the past and although these dogs can cause a lot of damage with their big square jaws, they are not aggressive by nature. They are, however, very protective and their sense of loyalty in the face of danger can lead to incidents where the dog can become aggressive.

The site provides information to show how to fully understand the character of Rottweilers and how to get the best out of these beautiful working dogs as a loving family pet. If a person has time and love to invest in a dog, then a Rottweiler will be very rewarding to keep.