Dog Breeds: Rottweilers

Rottweilers are a German breed of domestic dogs that are considered to be medium to large, given their robust buildup and considerable size. Rottweilers have historically been employed by humans as herding dogs. Today, however, due to their diligent nature, Rottweilers are used in many countries as search or rescue dogs. This particular breed of dog loves to work, stay active and stay busy, so, in addition to search and rescue tasks, Rottweilers are also really good as guide dogs for blind people, therapy dogs for people wrottweiler-1535951_960_720ith mood, psychological or neurological disorders and make even great guard or police dogs. But how did it come to be that dogs are used to help people in their everyday tasks?

Dogs have, since time immemorial, been mankind’s closest, most loyal companion. Even in this day and age, many historians find it difficult to specify a particular point in time when dogs came to be humans’ best friends, given the existing evidence that indicates that this has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, extending all the way to the time when species of archaic humans (modern humans’ ancestors) walked the Earth. However, it is still widely disputed when dogs actually evolved into the modern species of domesticated dogs.

It is clear, however, that dogs are closely related to gray wolves and probably evolved from the first domesticated species in the history of humanity, namely wolves. This was, clearly, a symbiotic relationship given that dogs or wolves found food and shelter in human enclaves and, in return, they provided protection from other humans and predators, especially at night. That is why family dogs like Rottweilers exhibit protective behavior towards their humans companions, given that instinctively, many dogs may feel the need or will to protect their human companions from external threats.

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