Keeping a Rottweiler Happy and Stimulated

Rottweilers are quite easy to keep at home. Though they can be destructive if the owner is not strong with them, they are fairly easy to keep happy.

The single most i789px-rottweiler_standing_facing_leftmportant thing for a Rottweiler is to be socially engaged. The Rottweiler dog needs to be a part of family life and needs a lot of stimulation. This is why they are good as family dogs. They live for about eight to eleven years, so they make good pets to grow up with.

They need two hours of walking every day and they also need to be groomed thoroughly once a week.

Rottweilers are not big diggers, so they do not pose much of a problem if they are let out into a back yard or garden. But if bored, they can be destructive.

They are not big droolers and as a result, they are often found sitting in the kitchen while dinner is being made, pleading for a treat silently, or not so silently. Rottweilers do bark and they will bark if they feel their family or territory is under threat. This protectiveness can be misdirected, and it is imperative to watch the dogs when they are with a group of children.

In their need to protect ‘their’ children, Rottweilers can attack another if an outside child gets physical with a family member. In this respect, it is important to expose the dog to other children as early as possible with the owner being present at all times to ensure that the Rottweiler learns how to behave properly.

It is also important to socialize Rottweilers with other dogs right when they are puppies. They do not snore and are not particularly messy. They need to be fed twice a day. The rule of thumb is that if the dog’s ribs can be seen, it is underfed, but if a defined waist line cannot be seen, then it is overweight.

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