Rottweilers as Pets

It is a common misconception that Rottweilers do not make great family pets given their temperamental behaviour, strong body build and jaws and “vicious” or violent instincts. However, such statements or claims could not be further from the truth. Rottweilers can indeed make great companions for the whole family and are great with children. The truth is that any animal, just like humans, no matter their size or ancestral history, has their own unique rottweiler-323261_960_720personality. In addition to that, factors that are naturally essential to the development of the pet’s personality are his or her upbringing and childhood.

If the animal has experienced or has been exposed to certain violent behavior at an early age, for example, it is likely that his personality will be affected by this. Just like a person, a pet who has been exposed in early life to abusive behavior from an adult, like shoving, slapping (even if gentle) or screaming, will probably develop either a fearsome personality, or a stronger temperament. So it is never ok to educate your child or your pet by means of any kind of violence, even if they may seem innocent and harmless to you.

Screaming is something that no creature, at any stage of development, when they are their most sensitive, should experience. These experiences produce feelings of anxiety and fear in the individual; they might remain dormant in the subconscious for years and bottle up, finding an explosive outlet at a moment of stress, which may lead to a child, youngster or adult hitting, punching or slapping someone, or to a dog biting someone unexpectedly.

These are behaviours that one may resort to by impulse, in a moment of great stress or strain, and do not necessarily mean that the individual has a “violent” personality per se. And these are precisely the reasons behind why some Rottweilers have often ended up in the news as vicious dogs – when really the responsibility was their master’s. This is why it’s crucial to treat this breed, as any other, with the utmost care and respect. Just like you would a child.

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