The Joys of Having a Dog

Dogs are known to be mankind’s oldest companions and friends. They are loving, protective and perform a wide variety of tasks that continue to help in modern day living. Dogs started output by helping humans hunt. They were integral to the development of modern humans. But as humans phased outrottweilers hunting as a way to survive and turned to cultivation of crops and cereals and keeping livestock, dogs took over other duties.

There are many working dog breeds and Rottweilers are one of them, going back to the times of the Romans. But while they continue to perform tasks for us, they evolved into being around us for pleasure. What is there not to love about dogs? They are loyal companies that bring joy to millions of people.

Dogs help you stay fit and also improve your social life. Taking a dog for its daily walk has mutual benefits. Dogs, much like humans, are prone to obesity if they do not exercise. Taking a walk with your four-legged pal every day not only keeps the animal fit, but it does wonders for own your body too.

Dog owners always seem to have more friends. Having a dog is an easy ice-breaker. Even if you are just throwing the ball for your dog and another one gets involved, chances are that you will end up chatting with the other owner about anything from why your dog is so special to sport or the weather.

At the end of the day, dogs just make us feel better. They will give their owners love and cuddles if they sense he is sad or unwell. They are always ready to perform a trick for some food and they are always ready to do anything to please you. They say a dog’s love is closest to the unconditional love that you can find. To a dog, their owner is the most important thing in the world.

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